Mail Solutions

“MailSolution fulfills our requirements in a perfect way.The excellent technical features, with high flexibility and comprehensive service, have been the main criteria for choosing Narayani Web Solution. the reasonable price!”

Narayani Mail Solution is a Freeware Mail Server (SMTP/POP3/IMAP/HTTP/NEWS/SSL/Tunnel) for Microsoft Windows XP ™ and Microsoft Windows 2000 ™ that works with clients such as Microsoft Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook™. It manage local Mails and eMails, incoming eMails from the Internet and outgoing eMails to external mail addresses.

Filtering mechanisms against Spammers using DNSBL (DNS Black List) and your own Keywords Black List / Friend List are included. Mechanisms against Virus can be used with your Anti-Virus .
Replies can be sent automatically for those abusing Spams and Virus to providers.

Mail Clients software such as Opera , Pegasus Mail , Beonex Communicator , The Bat! , Eudora , Mozilla , Mozilla ThunderBird , are supported by the IMAP protocol developed internally. Other mail clients may normally work.

Normally all POP3 Clients should work.

PHP is supported thru IMAP functions. Functions as imap_open, imap_listmailbox, imap_headers, imap_fetch_overview, imap_body, imap_fetchbody, imap_close have been partially tested. Other functions may normally work.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) are supported thru OpenSSL   libraries.

The local SMTP and the local POP3 accounts are now limited to 128 . The number of external accounts collected using the retriever is not limited (except by program capacity). There is no time or features limitation. If you need more accounts send me an email .

The program has been tested with 1700 simulated concurrent POP3 users on a Pentium P4 2.4 GHz 512 Mb running Windows NT 2000 Server.
But the suitable range of concurrent users is more likely 100 to 400 concurrent users.